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Shoal Bass

Shoal Bass
Chattahoochee River Shoal Bass
The Shoal Bass is a black bass with a limited range, primarily in a couple drainages in Georgia. It's a close kin to the Kentucky Spotted Bass, but primarily a river fish, with characteristics that compare it to Smallmouth Bass.

Unicoi Outfitters is now offering float trips targeting this great game fish.

Shoal Bass
Chattahoochee River Shoal Bass
These trips are on the Chattahoochee, but are conducted from an inflatable pontoon boat rather than our McKenzie drift boats due to the shoals that we negotiate. The pontoon will accomodate the guide and one angler. These trips last approximately six hours, and you have the potential to catch some significant fish - the IGFA All Tackle Record is currently 8 pounds 12 ounces, while we have been catching fish over five pounds. click here to learn more about the Shoal Bass.

Click here for rates and additional booking information or contact our shop in Helen at 706-878-3083 to book a Shoal Bass float trip.

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